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This is a limited web-based user interface companion to the NetLogger desktop software for participating in amateur radio (ham) nets.

The above map is a rough estimation and can be comically inaccurate at times. Rely on the list of nets below for certainty. :-)

Current time: 2024-02-24 06:28:45 UTC (Last updated 06:28:45)


Name Frequency Mode Band Started At Host
3905 160m CW Late Net 1.807 CW 160m 2024-02-24 04:41:42 UTC www.netlogger3.org
3905 40m SSB Late Net 7.189 SSB 40m 2024-02-24 04:41:16 UTC www.netlogger3.org
3905 75m SSB Late Net 3.909 SSB 75m 2024-02-24 05:46:30 UTC www.netlogger3.org
HHHNET 7.190 SSB 40m 2024-02-24 06:15:50 UTC www.netlogger.org
WM9W-Nightcrawlers-ALLSTAR458800 224.520 FM 1.25m 2024-02-24 06:04:19 UTC www.netlogger.org

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Recent Changes

I work hard on this site to make it useful for hams everywhere. Please let me know if you think it could be made better! Also, if you see something wrong or weird, please contact me. -Tim

You can now sort the net list on the home page by the different columns. (Suggested by KI5ZDE.)
Stations that are checked out (status of "(c/o)") are now grayed out in the log. (Suggested by N4UPC.)